The AVA Annual Conference is the nation’s premier veterinary event, covering all fields of veterinary science and in 2017 brought together over 920 veterinary professionals and 115 exhibitors.

We hope you will join us for the 2018 AVA Annual Conference in Brisbane, 13-18 May.    
Visit conference.ava.com.au to register.    To download a pdf file of the entire program click here.

Chemical Essentials Pty Ltd

The ideal disinfectant for vet clinics needs to be highly effective across a broad spectrum of pathogens, as well as safe for humans and animals. Nothing fits the bill better than the market leading, tried and trusted F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant. The F10 range’s unique combination of efficacy and safety provides cost-effective disease control and biosecurity, and irritation-free hand decontamination solutions. We also provide F10 germicidal skin care treatment products for animals, and tackle any unwanted odours with the Adzorbstar Odour Eliminator range.

We support the veterinary industry and try and drive F10 sales via the vet channel. If you’d like your clinic or hospital to be listed as an F10 “bricks and mortar” supplier on our website, please let us know over the course of the conference and we’d be more than happy to add you.